Mary Stewart
Mary Stewart

Stand By Me

Stand By Me is a charity devoted to rescuing children with troubled backgrounds, and raising them for a positive future.

The Challenge 

Stand By Me reached out to Atto Partners for help in telling their story. We knew they were doing amazing work and so did they, but they were struggling communicating this to people who had never heard of them.

They had a backlog of video footage that was gathering dust, that we knew could be put to good use. That’s where I came in.

The Approach

I researched the work of Stand By Me, asked far too many questions, and interviewed the founders to get a strong understanding of their past, their current work and their hopes for the future.

In light of the research, I drew up timelines of story arcs that we could tell, writing scripts to align with them. With feedback, I refined the ideas, iterating on the best ones until I got it right. 

The Vision

Stand by Me did not want another charity video focusing on the pain of the past - that’s not what they are about.

Stand By Me are about the future - the new lives that these children are living with the support of Stand By Me.

This video tells the story of three children whose lives have dramatically changed through Stand By Me’s care. The narrator shares a glimpse of each child’s character, in the same loving way any proud parent would speak of their child.


Having been given a backlog of footage from the client, I sifted through for the best bits, making number of versions of the video as I worked, and sourcing audio to match the tone along the way. With the team, I choose one that was working, tweaked the imperfections and delivered the final edit. The video now features on the home page on the Stand By Me website.


Completed while on placement with Atto Partners

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