Mary Stewart
Mary Stewart


MU/DAI is a creative agency using design and technology to make experiences better. I spent my summer of 2015 in MU/DAI’s Chicago office as an experience design intern.


Some things I did.

With respect to NDAs I can’t disclose details on projects.

  • Reimagined cashless payments with service design solutions for Visa.


  • Grew the membership of women's golf network with brand development and web design for leading golf organisation, Women On Course of Billy Casper Golf. 


  • Created an information sharing prototype to change the face of spam emails for large Chicago wealth management firm. 


  • Rethought the MU/DAI story through web, video and animation.

How I Got There

I had just spent an amazing year studying at Loyola University, Chicago and I was not ready to go home. I was keen to spend the summer developing my skills with a design agency before I entered my final year of university in Ireland.

When I first came across MU/DAI I could see that their goals and approach aligned with mine as a designer. I didn’t know anyone in the company to make a connection, so I knew that I would work that little bit harder to reach them.

Seeing that play, creativity and user centered design were a few core MU/DAI values, I sent them a video cover letter that fitted with those ideas.

I aimed to show MU/DAI that I understood what they were about and I would be a good fit.


A couple of months later, I began my internship with MU/DAI. 


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