Mary Stewart
Mary Stewart

Finn In The Forest


Finn in the Forest is an interactive iPad game following the adventures of Finn as he gets lost in the enchanted forest. 

Created in collaboration with BAFTA and EMMY award-winning studio, BlackNorth.




In collaboration with production studio Blacknorth, my role was to design, model and light 3D environments for the game.


Early Development

The client provided early sketches of the entire interaction to provide a context to design within. From there, the interpretation of the drawing was left up to me. 


Designing For Optimisation

With optimization in mind, these scenes were modeled with a low polycount and with the backs removed. Their development involved an iterative process of starting small and building up. 


Finn In The Forest was designed to be as much a cinematic experience as a game.

Through the process of baking ambient occlusion in SoftImage and painting textures in Photoshop, I worked to achieve a soft diffuse shadow and tone. The finish was set through a mixture of ambient and point lights, which were baked into the textures.